WSM 100 and WSM 100+
ATIS – announcement unit


Pilots need to retrieve weather information. Air traffic controllers record meteorological data on tape and this is repeated in an infinite loop until an update is recorded – the so-called Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)

WSM 100 - ATIS - announcement unit – click on picture to start slideshow

Introducing the WSM 100 by Inno4Tec has created a pc-independent solution to supply ATIS announcements for local aircraft radio information. The German Air Navigation Services have already certified the first WSM 100 and it has been in service at Airport Weeze since 08.05.2014.



  • custom playback of ATIS-news with a maximum duration of two times eight minutes
  • analogue and digital processing
  • control by microcontroller
  • independent from operating systems, thereby increased safety against faulty software and update conflicts
  • autonomous operation because of the unit’s Black Box design
  • internal error monitoring with optical display
  • user-friendly operation
  • design tailored for user
  • option to listen to message by phone
WSM 100+

WSM 100+
with more features

  • Frequency of the switches adjustable from 0.1 – 10 Hz
  • Second power supply for redundancy function
  • A red LED and a message on the display indicate an error message
  • Extension of outputs to four channels
  • Audio output individually switchable and adjustable from -21 to 3db
  • Pilot signal 2040 Hz per channel individually switchable and adjustable (-21 to +3db)
  • Audio output is monitored up to output transformer and can be switched off individually
  • Audio outputs on four RJ45 jacks and 15p. DIN jack output
  • Option: Voice over IP can be retrofitted

You can listen to the WSM 100 in action on the following number:
+49 (0) 28 37 - 66 77 66

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about how the WSM 100 works?

Then please contact us – we shall be happy to advise you.